Friday, January 25, 2008

Potted Geranium Study

6" x 4" original graphite and watercolor

This is a rough sketch with watercolor washes.
I am using this as my study piece for the large
painting I am starting. This is the same method
I used to paint the boat. I was working out the
composition of the light and the pots. It is a small
part of the whole painting. This is a sketch, although
the same size and paper as all my blog paintings.
I am offering the starting bid at $30.
I plan to show you the beginning of the large painting
sometime over the weekend. Depends on how much
I get done.

I am packing up my paint box and we are going over
to our friends for the evening. I will paint at their house.
I was able to scan the newspaper article for you to read...

I think you can click over it to make it larger and easier
to read. If you are close to Lititz, I would be honored for
you to join me. You could give your personal opinion on
my blog, but only if you are a regular viewer with glowing

More people have been offering "comments" The comment
button is below. I think you have to register the first time,
that's to keep out spammers not my groupies! You can click
it to see what other people have said. So go ahead and
give it a try. Stroke my artistic ego!!

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