Thursday, December 6, 2007

Holiday #4

4" x 6" original watercolor

I went with a holiday interior today. While
I am trying to stick to holiday themes I find
ways to please myself...OK, maybe I should
say amuse myself.

Night time - so I could get a big full moon in!
I can justify it because it offers a lightsource
streaming into the room. I added a dog
with a big red bow, a sort of homage to the
one I keep begging for! It makes you wonder
if he is the family pet or a gift...
I was thinking gift!
The life of an artist gets even more hectic during
the Holidays. I have decorating duties. Not that
I do any decorating, but the task to fetch and carry.
Several heavy boxes must be brought up from the
buried depths of the basement. I had to repair
and hang the Moravian star. And my biggest job
is to drive away the bah-humbugs that attack Linda!
Today I picked up my yearly supply of cardboard.
I had the pleasure of picking up Linda's new laptop.
It is a gift to her but it really is so she can keep up with
business when we travel. I think the screen is larger
than our first TV! Another load of orders went to UPS.
And I managed to paint. Actually I started this yesterday
and did not get it finished. So it becomes a painting
in 2 days not a painting a day!

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