Saturday, December 1, 2007


5" x 5" original watercolor

We do a lot of historical sightseeing where you
are exploring one building, exiting and walking
to another. It may feel a little off center, just my
little quirkiness, I didn't want all straight lines
and this is how I saw it. There is an intriguing
perspective in this and I hope I conveyed it to you.
Almost two separate paintings. I am placing you
inside looking out. There is a dark colder feeling
interior, the gate on the right so you
cannot walk into a room. A stone floor and a wide
old door. Then you get an exterior view. Warmth
from the sun, brick (my speciality!) encasing
another door. I hope you continue to explore
with me...

It has been hectic here. Lots of errands to run, some good things
like orders to take to UPS. The new kitty was sick so there
was a trip to the vet, he needed special food so now there is
a trip to the pet store. Nothing different than what each of you
goes through but it eats into my painting time. On the fun side
I bought myself an Ipod. After a night of reading the directions
and realizing the technology or the explanation was over my head
I called in one of my favorite kids. I think of him as a kid although
he is early 20's. Sad I know, but I needed help. A couple
clicks and he has music on it. He claimed its easy and I should be
able to do it now myself. I am thinking I need one more lesson at
a slower pace! Old dog new tricks...
The studio has been busy, several clients that missed open house
have stopped in to pick things up. That's always nice.
I just realized it is December 1st and I was planning to paint holiday
things all this month. I am not even sure I have subjects ready!
I may need a few days to do research but they will come.

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