Thursday, November 15, 2007

24th Annual Open House

I have been negligent in getting a blog written
all this week. I hope if you are new to my blog
you check back after open house. I will be back
on a regular schedule. I did spend the week painting
and framing and setting up the house. There really
was not one free second and if I found one, Linda
had something to fill it!

We are ready... I think...

I did not consult Linda
before I made this
declaration. I was ready
this morning, it is now
8:30pm and Linda is
still finding things
that need attention.

There is a sampling of new originals on my
website under "originals" Make sure you check
it out. I hope you are planning on a visit this weekend!

Our Studio & Home Will Be Open On...
FRIDAY 11/16/07 from 2PM to 10PM

SATURDAY 11/17/07 from 10AM to 10PM
SUNDAY 11/18/07 from 12 to 6pm
at 4 North Spruce Street, Lititz, PA

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