Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Only 30 days to go...

I only have 30 days until my 24th Annual Open House.
That means madness in the Smith house. Linda gets
a little crazy with the amount of work to do. We put in
17 hour days. Money we have yet to earn is spent at
a wild pace. I only need to concentrate on creating
magnificent paintings, no pressure there.
For the past few days Linda has been putting 6,500
labels on envelopes while mumbling about the cost of
postage. Luckily she is in another room so she is not
messing with my painting vibe. After 24 open houses, we
have a routine down. I leave for a show and come back
to piles of completed work! We try to stay out of each
others way. This is a really big deal. It is a huge
investment in invitations, postage, frames/supplies, new prints,
food and wine...all on the gamble that
"if I paint it...they will come" Oh...and buy!

Since I am working on major paintings I will not get
a blog painted every day. But I will try to show you
what I am working on. For today, I have an 11"x22"
window with blue bottles. I am showing you the whole
thing taped down to a painting board with my paint
colors dabbled on the sides. If you click on it, it will get
larger. Notice the pencil guide lines.
Comments or questions are always welcome!

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