Wednesday, October 10, 2007

New Prints...

The decision has been made and the paintings are
at the printer. All last week I worked on the third
possibility and never got to share it with you. So you
are seeing the new pieces for the first time today. The
prints will not be available until the invitation goes in
the mail which is November 1st.

"Garden Club"

Still thinking about a title for this one...
"Summer Gifts"

A word about printing. I am rather picky about

my printing. I am not sold on Giclee's and I am
definitely not interested in computer laser printing.
I still print the old fashion 4 color off-set lithography
method, where you need a loop to see the dot pattern.
I print all 450 at one time and I am present for the
printing and can make changes. I match color as close
to the original as possible. I print in the same size as I
painted the original. When they get to the studio, I
personally sign and number them.

The originals will be sold via auction bids. If you are
not on my snail mail mailing list send me your address
and you will receive an invitation to my Open House
and the new print info.

OK, that's it for tonight, back to the paints.
I am working on a 14x18 piece.
I will get a blog painting done tomorrow in between
the craftsman coming to set up for Porchwalk and the
long "honey do" list Linda has for me!

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