Monday, October 22, 2007

A Chicken...

4" x 6" original watercolor

I really resisted painting this chicken.
I had been painting nonstop all weekend
and have had no time off! So I wanted
something a little less challenging for today's
blog. But, Linda has this thing for chickens
and she thought it would make a good painting...
I am a city boy but Linda has dragged me to
several farms for fresh material ~ no pun intended!
I always like the paintings after I do it, and it is the
same with this one, now that its finished I
am rather pleased with myself!

I had a productive day. I was up at the crack of
dawn to ride my bike. Back home for fresh baked
oatmeal which Linda spoils me with. Then down to
business. I painted the blog which took about
5 hours. I do not crank out my blog paintings. They
are complete watercolors and often take longer than
they should. Anyway, I also sketched a large
bench with a garden, and now I am working on
the one I had started on Sunday. It is 9pm and
I am still a long way from bedtime!


Anonymous said...

LOVED your chicken. Thanks Linda, for making him do the painting! I bought one of your prints at the Berea Arts and Crafts sale this year...and I love it. It was a "window" print...and I'm beginning to get the impression that you like doing windows. I like windows also.

Andy Smith said...

I have always been drawn to windows. For me it is about a light source. Andy