Monday, October 8, 2007

Bush River

6" x 4" original watercolor

I actually sat out and painted this scene from
life! We artists call that Plein Air!
I rarely get the time to do that. It was
the view from my camper window. We stayed
at Bar Harbor RV Park in Abingdon, MD.

Our weekend plans did not exactly work as planned,
they rarely do. It was to be a hunt for new subject
material and inspiration. The plan was to take lots
of new photographs. Friday we stopped in New
Castle, DE and of course the beautiful weekend started
out overcast. I kept telling Linda it was morning fog
and would burn off. By noon it was drizzling! So, not

much picture taking. We then drove to our camp site.
I am surprised we both have been enjoying our camping
experience. I think it is the quiet. Learning to just sit.
Without a TV, you go to bed early so you are actually
rested. Saturday we drove into Annapolis. We planned
to park in the Navy Stadium, and when we pulled up there
were thousands of cars lined up to park. Well... maybe not
thousands but it was a lot. Who knew it was boat show
weekend. But we are troopers, paid our $10 to park. Got
on the free bus and went downtown. I thought Linda
would have a stroke, now there really were thousands of
people walking around. You could not walk on the sidewalks.
I am guessing we were there 30 minutes when I nicely
suggested we leave. Linda was back on the bus so fast I
almost lost her! So it was back to the campsite to try to
regain the serenity we lost. That's when I painted this scene.
Sunday we took our good old time and drove the long way
to Montchanin, DE. The good husband that I am had given
Linda a gift certificate for her favorite Inn. Men, if you need
a treat for your wife I highly recommend this place, but you
will dig deep into your wallet.
Check it out...
We returned today with enough time to take Jason back to
Hershey School. He had a weekend break. It has been a
tough adjustment for him but I believe he is getting the hang

of it. He looked great and went back willingly.
Tonight I attended a meeting at our local school, it seems
they have been having racial trouble and I wanted to hear
what they had to say. I decided they definitely need our
prayers. I am now back at my desk with paintbrush in
hand until 11PM.

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