Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Blue Pottery on a Blue Chest

6" x 4" original watercolor

It is an interesting study to paint two objects
that are so close in color range and still have
them remain two separate items.

I also worked on another large painting.
It is the last one in the running as a possibility
to print.
Linda and I worked in the yard a bit tonight.
It was a beautiful evening. We need to get the
property all tidy and decorated for next weeks
"Porchwalk" For more info:

President Bush is comming to my town tomorrow.
We have an airport close by and they are blocking
roads in all directions. I have a doctors appointment
and it is across from the airport. It is just a blood
pressure check but I think it may be elavated
just from trying to get there!

I just had to stop writing this blog, my Mom called
and asked if I could come back to her shes having
a problem. I felt a rush of panic (Moms 85 and lives
in a cottage on our property) So we both ran back
expecting something bad...
She could not open her trash bag to put it in the
waste can... Ahhh the life of a good son.
Back to my painting, I plan to paint till 11PM
tonight. Ahhh the life of an artist!

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