Thursday, September 20, 2007

window demonstration #3 ~ finished!

Finished! I compromised on the geranium color, between
a pink and red. Definitely the focal point. I hope you were
able to get a glimpse of how I lay on color. If you are new
to my blog, go back to 9/13 and then 9/18 to see the progression.
Also, in watercolor all the white areas are the paper, not white
paint. This will not be for sale until open house. It is one I am
considering for this years new print. Don't cast your vote until
I show you the other paintings. Actually, I need to paint them first!

New to my blog is "comments". I think it is working. Feel
free to give your opinion, make a suggestion or ask a question!


Pat said...

Beautiful! Love it......such a nice serene quality it has. Pat

Anonymous said...

Not sure if you have made up your mind yet but my favorite was Bittersweet. I liked it best and my wife happens to like bittersweet as a fall plant for both bird food and decoration.
Enjoyed your Porch last weekend.
Jake Deery