Tuesday, September 18, 2007

window demonstration #2

I worked on my geranium painting all day so I did not paint
a blog painting. I may need to do that every so often until
I have enough paintings for my annual open house, held
November 16-18 at my house. This is a pretty big event and
it is important for me to have all new paintings.

On 9/13 I showed you the early stages of this painting. Take
a quick peek back and you can tell how far it has come.

I worked outside the window, building the grass and trees.
The pencil lines are gone except for the window sill shadows.
Remember I am working from light to dark, building my color.
I use a hairdryer to dry each layer of color before adding
another layer. If you don't dry it thoroughly, you will end
up with a muddy mess. If you own one of my original paintings
and you have taken time to sit and study it, you can actually see
the layered tones of color. My
goal is to slowly darken the
letting the light lay across the sill and give a warm
tone outside.

I am often asked "how long does it take to finish a painting"?

Because I paint everyday I know what my paint will do on the
paper. I understand color and perspective. This comes from
years of practice. When I start a new piece I have a clear path
in my mind, I am not struggling with my skills. It still takes time.
Since the other photo to now, I probably worked 20-25 hours.

And there is still much to do. But to all you struggling
watercolorists did you hear me say I paint everyday...
it takes practice!

So, it is back to the paints for me. I am getting anxious to see
this finished.

If you have questions, send an email. I am working on getting
comments added to the blog. But I need tec help for that!
There will be a new blog painting tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Hi - I have no painting background at all, so I am really fascinated with watching you build the watercolors. You said that the pencil lines are gone - erased or just covered with a dark watercolor? If I owned an original instead of just prints could I see the impression that the pencil lines leave?

I am looking forward to seeing this year's prints.

Joanne Grant

Andy Smith, artist ~ watercolors said...

Welcome to my blog, It is exciting to be able to chat about the work. Mostly the lines are painted over,if you look closely at my paintings you can probably pick some out. Same with the prints, look in the white area and you may notice them. Not all artist use construction lines to guide them, some like happy accidents, I prefer a plan and teach my students to have a foundation sketch. Andy