Friday, September 28, 2007

Friday update...

I was not able to paint today because I left
early to set up for my show in New Jersey.
This week I was able to finish my large Bittersweet
painting and get 3 blog pieces done plus keep up
with my teaching schedule. It may not sound like
much but I was hustling.

Next week I start a new series of classes, Tuesday
mornings from 9:30 to 11:30. Call if your interested.

I am not going to have evening classes for now because
I need to paint!

Linda and her girlfriend went to to visit the gardens
for the day. It was recommended by a client.
They had a great time. She thought it was well worth it
and they plan to go back several times next year
as the plants bloom. Should be interesting to
see what photos she took for me to paint!

The Show: SEPT 29 & 30
Held at the Colts Neck Fairgrounds,
Bucks Mill Rd, Colts Neck, NJ
10AM to 5PM ~ this is a pretty crafty show
but I usually have a good following.

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