Friday, September 14, 2007

Friday update...

I accomplished a lot this week...I think! I taught 3 sets of
watercolor classes, gave a talk at a school, started painting
my large piece, did some framing, and got a blog completed
daily. We had a family dinner 4 nights and I managed to get
my Mom out for a little walk. That's not counting the mundane
stuff like mowing the lawn. Other than stopping to make dinner,
I don't think Linda left her desk all week.

Painting: Again, I had a good variety for the blog. About
half the time I was able to post early. I try my best, but I am
often painting right up to 11pm. The "America" painting had
the most attention. Thank you bidders!! I am very pleased
with the way my large painting is going. I hope you enjoy the
little on line demonstration I am attempting. I plan to work on
that piece over the weekend.

Show: This weekend I have a mini original show at the studio.
Plus all the other paintings and prints are available. It is always
nice to have a weekend at home.

The Studio is open from 10AM to 4PM Saturday and Sunday.

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