Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Wilbur Chocolate Commission

I am now able to share my commission with you. It is a landmark
factory in my hometown of Lititz, The Wilbur Chocolate Co.
This is for your viewing pleasure only since it was given as a
retirement gift. (no prints and No, I cannot paint it again!)
I spent a great many hours on the under drawing. I am talking
three long days worth of drawing. This painting is a three quarter
view of a HUGE factory building. All the angles, lines, and perspective
had to be correct. It is a lot of brick, even the windows had been
bricked over. My artistic job was to give it warmth and character.
If you know me well you will get a good chuckle out of this little
side story... So, the painting was finished, framed, delivered
and paid. I was feeling pretty good about it. There is always
so much extra pressure when a painting is a commission. The next day
the very nice person who was in charge of the whole deal stops in
holding the painting. It seemed in my very right brained way I made
a huge error. I am breaking out into a sweat now! On the little sign
under the steps I misspelled Wilbur with an e...
Wilber... I spelled it
correctly in all the other places on the building. I knew it was a "u".
I was feeling pretty stupid, there was not any good excuse!
I had to take the whole thing apart and correct my spelling! All
ended well and I was told the new owner of the painting is happy!

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