Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Friday update...on Wednesday night!

It is late and I just finished today's blog. I am
again packed and ready to get on the road.
We are trying the pop-up a second time! We
are leaving early tomorrow morning for a show
in Vermont. So anyone winning a painting will
need to wait until my return on Tuesday. But I

thank you for your bidding!

Family: Just your average week in the Smith
household. The plumber was here today... it
feels like only last week we updated all our toilets
to great power flush ones. I found out they are

7-10 years old and they are not holding up. Lets
just say 4 need replaced. The German in Linda
seemed to think they should have lasted our lifetime!

Painting: I won a "Judges Choice" award at the
Lititz Art Show! That always looks good on the resume'.
I had fun this week, I went bolder on the building,

added another figure which I love, and then went back to an
interior. I have a commission to paint over the weekend.

It is a surprise gift so I can't tell you more until later.

Show: August. 3 - 5
The 29th Annual Southern Vermont Art & Craft Festival
Held at Hildene Meadows in Manchester, VT
10AM to 5PM rain or shine great quality
more info:

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