Friday, July 20, 2007

Friday update...

Wow, I am actually writing a Friday update on Friday night.
That has not happened in a long while! Yes, we took a
weekend off. We are both a bit weary. This last trip to
KY was long. 10 hours of straight, no fooling around
driving, just in case any of you are thinking about going to KY.
We were south of Lexington and we have been in the area several
times in the past so we did not take any extra time. A three day, long,
hot show and another 10 hr. drive home. I can tell you are feeling
envious!! I sold ok, certainly not like past years and the gas
prices really hurt the bottom line. Lexington is a great sightseeing
I highly recommend a trip there. Let me know if you
need any info.

Family: Linda had a birthday while we were traveling. I don't think it is
wise to tell you her age! Her big gift from Abbey & I was a
"Harry Lauder's Walking Stick" Its a tree for her garden. She has
wanted one for a long time. It is looking a little droopy, I think
we are going to the greenhouse on Saturday for better instructions.
Linda is a bit distraught (not just because of her birthday...)

but the Japanese beetles have swarmed the garden and are
leaving nothing behind.

Painting: I hope you all went to my website and looked at my
large Nesting Goose painting (Under originals).
I have her in the kitchen so I can enjoy her for a while.
I am really happy with the way she turned out.

For the purpose of education, I thought I would give you a bit
of info on how I work. I tend to focus on whatever new places
I have visited. And lately I have been to two Shaker Villages so
I seem to be on a Shaker kick.
I decide on a subject. I like variety.
Going from landscape to still life and whatever moves me.
Once I decide on the subject I sketch it. Working out
any problem areas in my sketchbook. I have a pretty good idea
how I want it to turn out by this point. We'll continue the painting
lesson next week. To any aspiring artist, go get a sketch book.

You should draw all the time, I do!

This weekend: I am home! I plan to keep painting this weekend,
hoping my blog sales make up for a show, so go place a bid
after you read this! If anyone wants to stop in at the studio give
me a call. FYI: The Lititz Art show is next Saturday. Plan on a
day in Lititz!

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