Friday, June 1, 2007

Friday update...

I am posting my update early today. We are leaving shortly
for a show in Maryland. This show actually put me on a
waiting list. I have not been wait listed in 25 years. Can you
hear the indignation in my voice?? This is a huge blow to my
ego! But they called and I am going...
We are staying with some old friends from Lititz who moved
close to the show. It will be nice to catch up.

East Street and Carroll Creek Linear Park
in Historic Downtown Frederick, MD
Sat. 10am-7pm Sun. 10am-6pm rain or shine!
I plan to be demonstrating at the show. I want to work on the larger
painting of the bucket and window. Come out to the show and chat
if your anywhere close to Frederick.

My week: This week I helped with our elementary school track meet.
I get to be the starter and it allows me time to recruit for the
Jr. Hi. team! I had a blast! I also took my Mom to the hairdresser
and worked a little in our local food pantry. I managed to
get a bike ride every morning, for my mental health. And as you
can see I painted every day.

On Monday I am chaperoning 5th graders to the Gettysburg battlefield.
I did this when Abbey was in 5th grade and now I find myself doing it
12 years later for Jason! It is more about Gettysburg than it is the
5th graders!! I am probably being assigned 7 of the naughtiest boys
and will not even see the battlefields!

I need to finish packing and hit the road.