Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Friday update...on Thursday morning!

I am heading out the door in a few minutes...again!
Planned to be on the road by 7am.
House sitter and Moms caretaker are all arranged.
I need some new material and inspiration. So...we are
spending today in Stockbridge, MA. to look around
Norman Rockwell's home town and visit his museum.

Then on Friday visit one of my favorite haunts,
The Handcock Shaker Museum in Pittsfield, MA
More Shaker paintings will be coming your way!
Saturday will find us showing in Bennington, VT.

Show: MAYFEST ~ Held on Main Street, Route 9
Bennington, VT 10am-5pm

Track: Track season is over. Our banquet was last night.
Due to last weeks rain, our Wednesday League meet was
postponed to Thursday. As it happened, I needed to be at

my show on Thursday. It broke my heart to send my kids
to their big meet without me. But they called my cell with
an update for every race. I am proud to say the girls took
1st place and the boys took 3rd. This is Leagues!! So our
banquet was quite a celebration.