Friday, May 11, 2007

Another Friday...

I did not manage to get my blog posted as early as
I wanted to this week. There was to much going on
each day. Lots of family life again as in most households.
My Mom had two doctor appointments, Jason had his
Hershey School interview and a DARE graduation.
I did still manage to paint excellent paintings everyday,
I just cut it close to the evening deadline!

Track: I guess since I brag about the good meets, I
need to confess when we lose. Both my girls and boys
lost this week. Track is winding down. Next Wednesday
is the league meet and then we are finished.

Weekend plans: No show this weekend. Saturday is the
National Post Office Food Drive. We volunteer weekly at
our local food bank so we will be collecting food most of the

Sunday is Mothers Day. I am giving a shameless plug!
Remember an Andy Smith painting or print or even a gift
certificate would make a wonderful gift for your mother or
wife. I can always find time for a sale! Call or email and
I will help you find something special. I warned you it
was a shameless plug!
Happy Mothers Day!