Friday, April 20, 2007

Another Friday...

The sadness at VA Tech reminds us all to treasure
our days with our loved ones. That is hard to remember
when we get caught up in our daily grind... Our car needed
to be towed to the garage, it snapped a rod of some sort.
We squeezed some volunteer time into our local food bank.
Mom Smith needed to be taken to the hairdresser ~ a half
day ordeal ! Just our own usual grind.

Painting: Another good week. I am very happy with
this weeks subjects. These paintings may be small but they
are impressive. Remember to spread the blog info!

Track: I need to brag a bit. Last Saturday there was
19 teams at ELCO. Our boys took 2nd and our girls took 5th!

Tuesdays meet was also a win for both. I am so proud of the kids.

I plan to ride my bike tomorrow. So no visits to the studio, I
will be out enjoying the warm weather! This is my last
weekend home for a while. Starting next week its back to the shows.