Friday, April 13, 2007

Another Friday...

Overall it was a good week in the Smith household.
Busy as usual although nothing to exciting.

Paintings: I met my goal of getting the painting
finished and listed before 10PM each night this week.
I am rather proud of myself. 4 out of 5 paintings from
last week sold so you are meeting that goal! If there are
any requests just send me an email and I will do my best.

Track update: I need to share my track info with you
since it is very important to me and my family gets tired
of hearing it!! We had another very cold week of practice.
Both boys and girls won our Tuesday meet.
Tomorrow, Saturday, we have the big ELCO Invitational
so I will be at the meet all day.
Normally I would be super excited. But I am going to freeze!!
Speaking of the cold weather... We watched Al Gore's movie,
"An Inconvenient Truth", that puts things into perspective, add

the movie, "Who Stole the Electric Car" and you'll want to go cry!
I hope Linda is finished watching documentaries for a while!!