Friday, April 6, 2007

Another Friday...

Happy Easter Weekend...
I plan to be home all weekend. It looks like it will be to
cold to ride my bike. My wife has a few movies she wants
to watch together so it will be a family weekend!

Track update: It was a very cold week to run.
We had one meet ~ my boys won but my girls lost.
I sure hope it warms up soon.

Family news: My daughter, Abbey, is interviewing for jobs
in Washington, DC. So if any of you know of openings in a
Museum or in non-profit give me a call! At least she is
settling on the East Coast!

Paintings: Another great week of painting. I am sure I have
said this before, but what I like is the freedom to paint any
subject that moves me on that day. I was excited with some
real bidding going on. Nothing like a little bidding to keep me
motivated! My new goal is to get the blog posted earlier in the
evening. Between 8-9PM. So you can all bid before you go to bed!
Remember to share the blog with anyone who may be interested!
Have a great weekend.

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